[OWNER NAME], owner of [BUSINESS NAME] has loved cars all [HIS/HER] life — driving them, working on them and learning how to fix them. After spending [YEARS] working at other people's shops [HE/SHE] decided to open [HIS/HER] own. [OWNER NAME] wanted to create an environment where only the best, most well trained technicians are employed and customer service is king.

Wanting to finally shoot down the old stereotype that car repair shops are dishonest, [OWNER NAME] created [BUSINESS NAME] in [YEAR] and due to diligence, respect and top-notch know-how, it quickly blossomed into a full service shop offering [AREA] residents the very best in automotive repair and maintenance.

Certifications include [LIST]

[BUSINESS NAME]'s staff of [NUMBER] consist of trained expert technicians, able to competently work on older cars as well as new models. With vehicles becoming increasingly technological, you need to be able to trust that your repair shop doesn't just employ nuts-and-bolts know-how, but also electrical and programming. [BUSINES NAME] specializes in a variety of makes and models of cars including the following: